Friday, December 2, 2016

Tamazight ( Tifinagh Alpahbets) the oldest language writeen still alive.

Tifinagh is indeed the world oldest language still alive    oldest record of it written in 3000 BC southren Algeria that mean 5000 years so it may be spoken long before that and it's scripture is very close to the proto-Sharan one found west of the nile that dates at least to 5000 BCE it put it at the same time of the emerge of the Sumerian language  that's explain the closeness of the Amazigh language as a tongue to ancient Egyptian  both have Proto-Saharan origins  DNA science proved that Egyptians DNA is very close to Berber DNA that's back the theory  and so is the culture of Amazigh ancestors the capsians is very close to the Pre-dynastic Eygpt culture the Badarian that also approve  the same ancestory of both Ancient Egyptians and 30% of Modern Egyptian and Amazigh people today  Tifinagh dosen't look like pheonician at all  Pheonician Alphabet look like Sumerian & Hebrew Alphabet  Tifinagh look like Proto-saharan scriptures in terms of writing and Ancient Egyptian in terms of tongue and pronanciation  and since we have record of it written since 3000 BC that means it can't be the Punic Alphabet nor the pheonician one  all other languages older than the Tifinagh went extinct including the sister language of the Ancient Egyptians