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The history of Tamazight Litterature in Morocco

 The history of  Tamazight  Litterature in Morocco

- May lose in a crisis term, the floor, between the words (Amazigi) and (Berber), perhaps the first is the closest to the hearts of stakeholders of the population that the black continent. where to remind them of belonging to the black continent, matrilineal themselves to the father of the first inhabitants of North Africa "Amazigh" or free men, and the second is more the kind of anger raised in them, and revert to the word (barber) fired by the Romans, and the word is derived from the ancient Greeks, which they give to those who did not speak Greek (Barbaros) launched by the Romans to all foreign outlaws obedience to the Roman empire and military influence, the number of Amazigh about five and twenty million people divided into north African countries, and constituted 45% of the population of Morocco, 23% of the population of Algeria, 10% of the Libyans, 5% of the population in Tunisia, and one in Egypt about 10000 Amazigia in the oasis of Siwa. and on the origins of the Tamazight many disagree lot of the view that the Tamazight Africa altogether, Some of them were believed convergence of features Tamazight and ethnic "Ndali" in terms of similarity in expression and form, and no link between these two possibilities of the act of continued mobility for Amazigh and German colonialism them, the Islamic conquest of the region in the year 647 AD at the hands (Tariq ibn Ziyad), Amazigh converted to Islam and Tekabloh and merged with the teachings but the Arabic language Zalk unacceptable for them. Tamazight language problems and codification ... Tamazight language is the language of the family and Commissioner Kalmassereh old Arab, and stoop of the old language Jamahiriya, which was used widely in the old North Africa, Amazigh alphabet consists of a single stripe, and the 30th named crafts Tamazight (trades Tifinagh) However, the Tamazight language not known codification, There have also been a variety of dialects view of the wide geographical spread and overlap with other languages prevalent Kalarabih and French, This also affected the process of codification, where some have sought to codify italic Tifinagh, and others codifies literally Arab because of the growing number of users to deflect Arab and crafts that is used by the Arab Amazigh in the first codification, which helped to close the Amazigh, the Arabs and Muslims, while another group prefers the use of Roman script in the codification of the Tamazight pointing out that that Roman script could merge to keep pace with the differences in the pronunciation of the language of other trades to create new leads new votes ... Literature Tamazight in Morocco during the twentieth century ... Since Morocco is the largest countries in terms of the existence of the Amazigh, so I selected the focal point in the literature review of the evolution of the Tamazight, the literature Tamazight in the offing is not much different from the rest of the oral literature of the national composition known human groups and ethnic language, relied on the popular sayings and folklore singing Almnizom stories and the popular Champions Amazigh first and did not know how to codify which helped to loss and the loss of many, many of the cultural monuments of literary Amazigh first, However, and with the beginning of the seventies of the 20th century, started the codification and started literature Tamazight in Morocco in the form of written literature easy circulation across the country. shined in the meantime many, many of the names in the skies of poetry and theater, most notably "Mohamed Mstaoui" poet and researcher in the Moroccan Amazigh culture, and who expressed the issues and the crisis over the map Amazigh language Arab and African soil good, mixing between the easy rhythm of the oral and Codification and dispassionate way and the old speed talk, He has published many of the registers the first Cabinet (restrictions) in the year 1976 and which is one of the first recorded in the registers of poetry and the Office of the Tamazight (laughter and tears) in the year 1979, (disco) in 1988 and then Diwan (Waves) in 1998, and of the same land Isadh Voice "good as Belkacem", "Ibrahim Akhyat" and "Mohammed Shafiq," also spread poetic singing at the hands of two "Osmán" and "Azenzarn" and in the early 1980s suffered from the inertia of the Amazigh literature seriously until Tamazight theater began to emerge strongly and perhaps the experience of "net insurer" is a landmark in literature, Tamazight, also sent Amazigh poetry again by the "Almahgoubi Ahardhan" and "Ahmed Al-Zayani" and "protracted Azaiko" that the latter who managed the mixing of old and modern language and profound global conscience beyond the African map, the story began to emerge on the surface of the Amazigh literature in the 1990s of the 20th century, shone in the skies of a large group of men of letters such as "Mohamed Abhari" version (to be or not to be) and the novel (the shadows of memory) for "Abu Kassim Avolai" and Mohammed Akonas poet and novelist with not (and the dream increase), "wrote Vacocmah Alorbachi" poetry Tamazight free from the mold and necessary poetic Tamazight, The name "Omar Boumzog" in the late 1990s, was the poet and novelist, writer and playwright Perhaps novel (ship Noah) and deception (gravedigger), (Iskafi) months from the clerks, as well as the theatrical version prevails (Rabia and Bouzayen) and theater (Taslet and Romeo), and can we talk Amazigh poetry scene and did not approach the poet "Doctor Bolaouali" the Cabinet (the sun of freedom 0 |