Friday, December 18, 2015


astroAstrology is the science of the stars, and this is what the term “astrology” means in Greek. Astrology is the idea of a body of knowledge that is found in the stars. An astrologer is one who practices and studies astrology. Astrology is a very ancient practice in which people discover what the stars hold in their future. Love, break-ups, careers, knowledge, and basically anything that has to do with our personal lives. In modern times, Astrology and astronomy have become separate studies, but they do go in hand to hand together, just at a different angle, so to speak.
Horoscopes: What Are They?

An astrologer uses a horoscope based on the person’s birth month and date, compare it to a guideline that tells them what kind of person we are and what are personalities tend to be like. Horoscopes are filled with arcane symbols and they are laid out like a map of the heavens and the stars. Influences in a person’s life at that specific time will tell the astrologer more of what is to come, by studying this map of the stars.
Our individual map, or horoscope, it tracks the influences from the different planets that affect your birth place and time. These maps are as unique to individuals as our own fingerprints, everyone has a different map. The influences in the map will find expressions in the course you decide to take in your life.Free-Astrology-TipsClick Here!
There are symbols in your horoscope and astrologers use these symbols in order to understanding your character and personality, which affect your future. Horoscopes can be mapped out for not only human births, but for the start of businesses and relationships as well. Experience in astrology shows us that everything in one person’s life can be foretold in their map, using the energies symbolized in astrology.
Astrology is a very deep and detailed topic and it takes lots of reading and time to understand how everything works. For more information on astrology feel free to click here. Hopefully our short and brief explanation has told you the basics and now it’s your turn to delve deeper.