Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Desert

The Desert
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 Beautiful, rounded belly.
Flowers, flowing river water.
The company of other women.
Intimacy versus isolation.

 The desert has a great and terrible beauty.

   Shadows and isolation,
 hopes and prayers.
 Naked flesh exposed.


Once upon a remembered time.


Fertility,many wives and monkeys

  All gone now

 Hopes amidst the memories,
 and ghosts of the past

           Giving birth

Ancient symbols barely rememberd
   of a once glorious past

 Birds now non-existent,
 except in pictures.
The heat and sunn killing
 almost all life.

 To remind ourselves of what flowers look like.

    Ancient goddesses
 interpreted by local folk artists.

 Large perspective tapestries
  of mountain horizons.

 2000 years after the Greatness
  Of our original culture,

 Faded remnants and symbols of the power
of the old Kingdom remain.
Image result for Moroccan deserts images