Tuesday, November 24, 2015

International year of Thanksgiving

International year of Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is a communal gesture celebrated all over the world. The significance of thanksgiving day stems from the need to display gratitude through prayer, hymns and gift giving.
UN Declaration Though thanksgiving originated in America, but it has spread its wings to other continents of the world as well. In November 1997, as a communal effort to reunite people all over the world, the millennium year 2000 was proclaimed as the 'International year of Thanksgiving' by the United Nations. This was first time ever that the general assembly voted unanimously in favour of a spiritual idea. The responsibility to take lead was given to Center for world Thanksgiving situated at Thanks-Giving Square. The idea behind the declaration was to spread peace, harmony and brotherhood.
United Nations decided the year 2000 as the 'International thanksgiving year' in order to celebrate the gift of life as the noblest expression of the human spirit.
The activities undertaken by Center of World Thanksgiving included surveying the members countries of United nations and study their harvest related festivals. The survey laid emphasis on the importance of thanksgiving as an expression of gratitude in history, in arts, in philosophy and in religion. The declaration also served the purpose of fostering cultural relations among different countries.
Lastly, the declaration intended to promote friendly relations among nations.
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