Saturday, November 28, 2015

How to Erradicate Violence



We must govern violence as not acceptable and punish accordingly

.Everyday acts of violence take place that can be stopped. Violence is not necessary although is used to get to the root of human meaning as people look to add value and meaning to their life. With this I challenge everyone reading this piece to think about how they can remove violence. However small the act of  violence is

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If we truly wanted to eradicate violence, then we must all work together to help everyone at least have their basic needs met. We have the resources as a world to feed, cloth, and shelter everyone. We do have these resources, and without these basic needs - people desperate for basic survival will naturally turn to violence

  • to survive... Step one is helping all to have basic needs met... That means food shelter and clothing. Not cable TV and Internet. Nor cell phones. Step 2 is to punish violence, remove it from movies to a large degree... Remove from video games... Punish those whom are violent and bully's instead of rewarding them with higher positions of power in today's corporations or political environments. Fines should be given to those who are violent, and if they can't behave in society, they should be isolated. Not in a prison with all the violent individuals planning and scheming, but with positive influences that can truly help to train, and possible reprogram individuals away from violent behaviors... This must happen for as long as it takes... Maybe a year, maybe a lifetime - or anywhere in between.... Let the behavior drive the sentence...Not the opposite way around as we do today.... If we follow this model, we can take back the world peacefully again, and step the tide of violence that washes upon our shores each and every day....
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