Sunday, December 14, 2014

how to play hockey

How to Play Hockey STEP BY STEP
Hockey is one of the most thrilling and action packed sports played in the world. A game which is a little physical with checking and technical with puck handling. Doing it on pavement is tough enough but add skating and it becomes even more fun. Learning how to play hockey can be intimidating and sometimes hard. It can also be fun, exciting and a lot easier to learn than you think. Do you have someone in your family who wants to know how to play hockey? Is it your son, daughter or even yourself? Do you have that itch to learn how to play hockey? Not sure what type of equipment you need to get, how it should fit or where to find the best place to buy it? If you are just learning as a kid or a late bloomer and are thinking about joining an adult league or even a person who enjoys the game and wants to learn more about it? If this is you then you have come to the right place. How to Play Hockey is filled with information on skills, drills and techniques for players at any level. Check out the articles ranging from how to choose the proper equipment to different drills and techniques on checking and puck handling. For those who rather see some instructions check out our video page and see videos on face offs and 2 on 1 strategies. If you are looking for equipment, you can and sometimes should go to your local hockey shop but take a look at hockeymonkey to find some of the best deals on the internet. They have great information on sizing and fitting and will at least get you an idea of how much each item cost so you can shop with some information. For the more advance players check out where you will find the most up to date and hockey specific training aids available on the market. And remember, hockey isn’t just for the boys…check out the section on female hockey. We have a training program and articles specifically made for women hockey players! Women hockey is getting very popular and they have different needs at times. Kim McCullough does a great job in addressing those issues. How to play hockey is your one stop shop for hockey players at any level. Whether you are trying to learn how to skate or trying to make the next level traveling team or if you are a parent who wants to get more involved in understanding hockey. Hockey can be a long and time consuming adventure we hope you enjoy the ride and have fun.