Thursday, February 23, 2012

Inside Story: Berbers in North Africa( Aljazeera English)

Why the goverments in North Africa are affraid of Imazighn despite the fact that Imazighn are the first inhabitants of the region, and they constitute the majorite in Morocco Imazighnare over 70% of the population,in Algeria over 30% , in tunisia over 10% in libya over 5 % besides twareg in azwad in Mali and in Niger  west of the Nile in canary aisland.....???So, Still there , s  Amazoghophobia from some calling themselves Arabs....who  show their discrimination towards anything wehere they smell Tamazight as a culture. language  , history and Identity. Our dignity will push us to struggle more to get things go back to its original.North africa is amazigh lingusiticaly speaking and historically speaking......THIS discrimination have to be over.. Tanmirt..