Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Izenzaren a lgendary Berber musical Band( biography and beautyful songs

 Izenzaren is a Moroccan Amazigh band founded in 1972 by six musicians.
Izenzaren has devoted its music to express Amazigh culture and thoughts. In 1976, Izenzaren made his first appearance on the silver screen. One year later, it gave an astonishing concert on the prestigious stage of the Parisian Olympia and then before the public of the Festival of the Maghrebian song.
    Izenzaren is still present in the musical scene compeering numerous festivals and cultural gatherings in Morocco and in other countries. A variety of topics can be found in their songs such as  people s daily strugle especially in rural areas,a beautiful song about MOTHER( The first one  on top of the page) Tackling sone implicit political and social issues in  Berber land( Morocco)